Friday, June 23, 2006

Call For Life Next Friday is now, but the message and the effort remain the same.

Call, email and/or pray at a government building or abortion mill on the first Friday of every month. The next Call for Life day is July the 7th. Tell everyone you know to join us in this effort. Many are participating in this nationwide effort to let our representatives know we want them to end the killing of unborn children.

We know that making abortion illegal alone is not the solution, but abortion is decriminalized murder and is responsible for 3,000 deaths every single day in America alone. Too many people believe that abortion is a legal right and have lost the understanding that we should not kill our babies.

We are not trying to convince people that abortion is wrong, we want those of us who know it is wrong to unite once a month to let our representatives know that we aren't going away, and that we will continue calling them until they do the right thing and make abortion illegal.

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Will you please give up 10 minutes of your time once a month?

Pass it on